Newspaper vs wax paper

So I am staining and sealing a couple strips of wood today…I put down newspaper to cover the…bench (such as it is) and merrily went about my ignorant way.

A little while later, I’m ready to put sealer on one that I had stained yesterday.  After the first coat of sealer dried, I went to sand with some 220 grit paper and found the wood solidly stained and sealed to the newspaper.


I guess a those guys who  recommend using wax paper are on to something…

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About Marcus Richardson

Marcus attended the University of Delaware and later graduated from law school at the age of 26. Since then, he has at times been employed (or not) as: a stock boy, a cashier, a department manager at a home furnishing store, an assistant manager at and arts and crafts store, an unemployed handyman, husband, cook, groundskeeper, spider killer extraordinaire, stay at home dad, and a writer.
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2 Responses to Newspaper vs wax paper

  1. David says:

    Get a roll of freezer paper. The kind with plastic coating on one side. You will find a thousand uses for it. It can be used for drop cloth, masking, patterns, etc. The plastic keeps things from sticking and the paper is nice to work on. You can even get it to stick lightly on things by ironing it on. If you really get into it, you can get the big roll. I have a 1000′ roll. Great stuff.

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