Sky Fort Day 4: Wood prep.

Not much to speak of for today.  When the kids went to bed for their naps I spent about 45 minutes out in the garage sealing the next batch of wood.

Tonight after the kids went down I went out to the garage and turned all the wood over and sprayed the final side.  The wood will be dry by tomorrow and we will be able to continue construction.  Woohoo!

We’re going to have to move the base out to the yard tomorrow, where we will level it dig trenches and anchor to the ground before continuing on further.  Once that’s done we’ll have a nice pile of wood to be attached.  This will also free up valuable space in the garage for spraying the next batch, etc.

I have to pass on this bit of advice for anyone with attempting this project now or in the future:  I cannot recommend enough getting a garden sprayer for spraying the sealer on the wood!!  What took me nearly 2 hours the other day to do with a paintbrush (and sore knees and an aching back), I accomplished in only 35 minutes today!!  Not to mentiom I was able to seal half again as much wood today as I did the other time.  The sprayer works flawlessly and put out a nice thin, light coat in 1 pass.   Moreover it did not spray the surrounding ground or wood pieces overly much.   All in all, it was an excellent bargain for $10.99 at Home Depot.  I found it, conveniently enough, directly above where I found the Thompson’s waterproofer.

If you can’t read the label it’s made by the RL Flo-Master company.   It’s labeled as a “wood and masonry” sprayer.   Freaking awesome!!!

I decided to spray more wood today than could fit on the garage floor so I used the shipping boxes as props to hold up all the “extra” wood while I sprayed it.

On reflection, I probably should have put those boxes in the grass as the waterproofer now has made nice little marks all over the driveway.

Luckily, I also had some nice marks on the driveway from yesterday and those are already fading to the obscurity, so I believe this will not be permanent.   But since this stuff will probably kill vegetation, I’m only going to put it over weeds next time and not the nice patches of my yard.

Oh, here’s another tip if you find yourself spraying a large batch of wood and realize to your horror that there is only minutes before a rain storm hits: just stack the wood on top of the base that you’ve already assembled!

After the kids went down we rotated the base and manhandled it out the garage and down the hill to it’s new home.  Of course it was getting dark when we did this so we don’t have any pictures.  Tomorrow we’ll have some good progress I hope!

Time today: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

TOTAL BUILD TIME: 8 hours 15 minutes.


About Steven M. Vaught

A native son of Delaware, now living in Illinois, Steven is a writer, family historian, amateur astronomer, sometimes-gardener, woodworker, father to three wonderful children, husband to a wonderful wife, and caretaker of one cheeky vizsla.
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