Telrad Base part 2

Continuing work on the Telrad base was easy—cloudy nights=busy days.

I added a wedge to the front of the Telrad base to make it more secure when attached, shaped the whole thing and made some nice edges.  I think this is just going to be an experiment in getting it done—if I like how it handles in the field, I may make it out of oak or something more stable and solid than pine (this was all pieces of 2×4 cutoff).

I had the wooden part in the bench vise, then shaped the angles of the top to match the angled Telrad base with a block plane and a chisel (on the knots).The above picture shows it as I started to shape the angle.   It took surprisingly little time!  Maybe 10 minutes.

Then, I used two 1/2″ wood screws I found in the junk drawer to attach the Telrad’s base to the shaped wooden base:

Finally,  attached the base to the telescope using the finder scope’s cleat, then attached the Telrad for a test fit.  Perfect!

Assuming everything holds up in the field, I will use this prototype to test finishes for waterproofing and painting.  Once I get it all refined, I’ll likely find myself a nice piece of hardwood and make a nicer looking base.  Or I may just say the heck with it and use this one!

Time will tell, but if the clouds don’t freakin’ get out of here it’s a moot point…


About Marcus Richardson

Marcus attended the University of Delaware and later graduated from law school at the age of 26. Since then, he has at times been employed (or not) as: a stock boy, a cashier, a department manager at a home furnishing store, an assistant manager at and arts and crafts store, an unemployed handyman, husband, cook, groundskeeper, spider killer extraordinaire, stay at home dad, and a writer.
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