Lamp Plates Day 1: The design

My father-in-law has commissioned me (I guess that’s still the right phrase, though it’s really pro bono since he has given me a router and table, grinder, and drill!  I owe him!) to make some mounting plates for a couple outdoor lights he wants to mount on his garage.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance.  More woodworking!

He wanted a shield-like design to go with the lights.  Here’s what I came up with:

To give you a size reference, he bought me a piece of solid aspen, 3/4″ thick by 10″ wide by 4′ long.   I assembled one of the lights and and stuck it on the shield pattern.

Eventually, after I cut the shapes, I’ll use the router he gave me (his that he doesn’t use any more) to cut a nice bevel before painting and sealing it.  And cutting a hole for the lamp wires, etc.

Using the same method to transfer the image that I did yesterday for the leg vise chop design, I transferred the shield shapes.  Then I cut the shapes loose from the board.For fun, because I was running out of time, I took the first one and tried the coping saw out to see how well I could cut the curved shaped…not too bad!  It was easier than I thought.  Maybe I’ll use this instead of the crappy jigsaw I have…


About Marcus Richardson

Marcus attended the University of Delaware and later graduated from law school at the age of 26. Since then, he has at times been employed (or not) as: a stock boy, a cashier, a department manager at a home furnishing store, an assistant manager at and arts and crafts store, an unemployed handyman, husband, cook, groundskeeper, spider killer extraordinaire, stay at home dad, and a writer.
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