[Dovetailed Tea Box] Adding chip carving…

Flush with my modest progress in the last post, I decided to jazz up the little box some before attaching the bottom (which I have already cut and have waiting for installation).  I drew out some lines and squares on the front of the box and made a nice little border on the top and bottom.

Here’s the first shot, after I had already completed the top border.  It went surprisingly fast.  Took about 10 minutes to lay it out and 5 minutes to carve it.  IMAG2711

Then I drew the pattern for the bottom—this is what I did for the top, by the way.  After 5 minutes of carving (during which I noticed my knife starting to dull…so guess what happesn next time!) I had this:

IMAG2713Now the front of the box has a nice (for me) little pattern.  Oddly enough, it’s either a series of triangles or (like I see it) an undulating ribbon that’s “raised”.  I think if I darken the triangles and the lines, it will make the ribbon “pop”.  We’ll see what it looks like when I carry the pattern around all four sides…



About Marcus Richardson

Marcus attended the University of Delaware and later graduated from law school at the age of 26. Since then, he has at times been employed (or not) as: a stock boy, a cashier, a department manager at a home furnishing store, an assistant manager at and arts and crafts store, an unemployed handyman, husband, cook, groundskeeper, spider killer extraordinaire, stay at home dad, and a writer.
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