[Castle Bookcase] First Tower

I spent the time I had today out in the muggy shop sweatin’ and sandin’.  I took the little palm sander to all the front edges of the plywood shelves and rounded everything over*.

I had decided over the weekend to forfoe adding trim to the front of each shelf because this thing will be primed and painted anyway…you won’t be able to tell what type of wood was used to begin with.  Once all the cracks are puttied and sanded the paint will hide everytbing.  Time saver!

After an hour of sanding, I turned my attention to using random scraps od pkywood to cut the first tower.  It wasnt hadd, did it all free hand with the VersaCut.  I loooove that little circular saw!  The laser guide is phenomenal.  Sanded the edges of the tower (which will extend down halfway behind the case for supplrt and screw into shelves) and got a dry fit shot….


Looking good!  Next up I put down lines for the first platform and corbels to support it.  Tomorrow will see me cut those out.  Then it’s off to Home Depot to find me a sonotube for the side towers!

* Lesson learned: next time sand everything BEFORE you assemble….

Time today: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Total project time: 11 hours


About Steven M. Vaught

A native son of Delaware, now living in Illinois, Steven is a writer, family historian, amateur astronomer, sometimes-gardener, woodworker, father to three wonderful children, husband to a wonderful wife, and caretaker of one cheeky vizsla.
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