[Castle Bookcase] Crenelations and Glue Up.

A lot of progress today.  I decided to skip using the round turret tops because it was proving to be too difficult to get the hardboard and then thin plywood to make the curve.  Everything either snapped or would simply disintegrate when soaked with water.  Here’s how the center turret looked when cut out of the Sonotube:



Not bad, but the tips were frayed and not very strong.  Kylie would be sure to destroy them pretty quickly.  So how to make them stronger?  Well, after thinking about it for the past few days, I came up with a cool idea.  I turned the circle bases into hexagons.  Then it was relatively easy to cut the crenelation pieces from the plywood and fit to place.

To begin with, I had to glue up the little shelf on the middle turret.


Then I had to finish the first part of my new drill press table.  You can see more info on that side-project by clicking on the link here.  Once the drill press table was complete, I realized that the whole reason I made it (to punch holes in the Sonotube) would be a waste of time as the Sonotube wouldn’t flex enough to allow me to cut the crenelations with a Forstner bit.

That’s when I had the revelation to use a hexagon base, instead of a circle.  Back to the drill press and I started the process of making my crenelations:


After spacing the holes (one half the bit diameter) I just made a whole lot of them in a line, pop, pop, pop.   This is the first real use I’ve gotten out of the press and I love it.  Then using the Japanese razor saw, I sliced the holes in half.  Then I cut the strip of semi-circles free:


After that, it was easy to measure each side of the hexagon and cut the crenelation to fit.  some glue, a few tiny nails and before long, the turret platforms were complete!  It only took a little planing and sanding to get the bottoms flush, then it was time to glue to the turrets.


I repeated the process for the middle turret (but made that half an octagon instead) and pretty soon everything was nailed and drying.

Here’s a shot of the whole shebang:


The middle turret is done, other than filling cracks with putty and sanding, etc., and is held on with clamps in the above picture.  I’m going to prime and paint the middle turret and then install it when the bookcase is done and up in Kylie’s room.   This thing is getting heavy and adding the bulk of that third tower just doesn’t make sense until it’s all finished.

Tomorrow’s task will be to putty up all the cracks, sand everything smooth in preparation for priming and get cracking on the little “door”.  Very pleased with how this is turning out!

Shop time today: 3 hours.

Total time: 20 hours.


About Steven M. Vaught

A native son of Delaware, now living in Illinois, Steven is a writer, family historian, amateur astronomer, sometimes-gardener, woodworker, father to three wonderful children, husband to a wonderful wife, and caretaker of one cheeky vizsla.
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