[Leg Vice Chop] Shaping Complete

Got to spend some more time in the shop after I put the kids to bed.  I continued shaping the chop and here is the result….one nicely beveled chop, using chisels and the Nice Ash block plane.  A deadly combination—that poplar never stood a chance.


By the time I had all the bevels done (30minutes!) I realized I had time to go for flattening the sides, and I ended up with this:


I am very happy with the results.  Got a little workout in and finished the chop’s shaping.  So I started in on roughing out the handle on my new carving mallet.  30 minutes later, using a utility knife and a 1″ bench chisel I have something that resembles a handle, but is superbly fitted to my hand.  It feels so good in fact I’m kind of freaked out that I pulled this off.  And I still need to finish shaping it and sand it, etc…


Kind of crude looking, but hey, I don’t have a lathe and I just have to shake my head in wonder at how well I lucked out with fitting it.  Just weird.  I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, eh?  Boy that cherry is delicious to work with.  As much fun as I’ve ever had with sharp tools.

And just for giggles, you can see the cut off, drunkenly off-kilter there next to the mallet from which it was removed.


About Steven M. Vaught

A native son of Delaware, now living in Illinois, Steven is a writer, family historian, amateur astronomer, sometimes-gardener, woodworker, father to three wonderful children, husband to a wonderful wife, and caretaker of one cheeky vizsla.
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