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Bandsaw fence.

My father-in-law procured a new shop addition this past weekend, namely a Ryobi 9″ benchtop band saw!!!  Jim, you rock!  This little gem has already earned it’s keep by enabling me to make some tricky angled cuts on Keaton’s Rocket … Continue reading

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[Rocket Bookcase] Update

Still working on this project but due to a back injury I’ve had to slow waaaaay down on my projects, chores, just about everything.  In fact, the only positions I could be in and be somewhat comfortable was either laying … Continue reading

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Hickory harvest!

I love Autumn. Okay, so, this post isn’t technically about woodworking, though it does involve some tools… In my yard I’ve got a decent size shagbark hickory tree, along with about 5 others that have spread from this “mother tree”.  … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Can’t Win.

While waiting for parts of the Rocket Bookcase to dry, I launched into another project.  Turns out SWMBO (I say with a wink and a smile) recently put the kabash on a potential gift of a lathe to me.  Now, … Continue reading

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[Leg Vise Chop] Finished!

Finally wrapped this project up, after some setbacks. To correct the angled chop I had to see what was the problem: the hole drilled in the chop or the hole drilled for the coupler buried in the leg?  First I … Continue reading

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[Leg Vise Chop] Seating the Garter

Good news bad news kind of day.  Twice. The first thing that hit me today was that the bare spot I had filed into the threads on the leg vise “screw” (really a 5/8″ threaded rod from the Borg) for … Continue reading

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[Leg Vise Chop] Finished Carving

Well, after two sweaty hours out in the shop today in ridiculous humidity, I was able to wrap up the last of the carving and put on the final touches. Here it is with the basic shaping and sanding complete. … Continue reading

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