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New Sawhorses

The background… Keeping the big project in mind, I realized I’d need to do some assembly work on sawhorses—yes, my bench, big as it is, isn’t big enough. The plastic Stanley horses my wife got me a few years back … Continue reading

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Mallet 2.0

A New Mallet To get back in the game, so to speak, I decided on a project that would be easy and fun, plus something I knew how to construct already and—and had the supplies on hand. That was a … Continue reading

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Hickory harvest!

I love Autumn. Okay, so, this post isn’t technically about woodworking, though it does involve some tools… In my yard I’ve got a decent size shagbark hickory tree, along with about 5 others that have spread from this “mother tree”.  … Continue reading

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Cleaning great-grandpa’s tools…

I decided to try my hand today at cleaning my great-grandfather Herbie’s tools that my dad donated to the shop around Halloween. As you can see they’re pretty rusted and well used.  The hammer is clearly missing a handle and … Continue reading

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Lamp Plates: Day 2

Got a hold of some free time today during naps and continued work on Jim’s aspen mounting plates for his new garage lights. I took the two blanks of wood that I had sketched the design on from last time—here’s … Continue reading

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Family tools and a tool gloat…

Just before we left on our trip, my parents came up from Florida to visit in the last week in October.  With them, besides lots of laughs and smiles and good times with the grandkids, they brought me some of … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 29: Mounting the leg vise (part 1)

Today I finally had enough of thinking and worrying about how to mount the leg vise.  After all, once I drill that big hole through the leg, there’s no going back! I got out the Black and Decker Woodwrecker and … Continue reading

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