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[Castle Bookcase] Trim

Today was a short day in the shop.  I had to split my time between the bookcase and weeding, trimming some bushes and planted a rosebush.  The sun finally broke through the clouds and the rain  we’ve been socked with … Continue reading

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Miter saw station/router table…on wheels!

For a while now (since June when my wife and I ripped out the powder bath vanity and put in the garage) I’ve been kicking around the idea of making a miter saw station.  I had planned to put it … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 33: Leg Vise finished!

Today, I finally can scratch off this component of the bench at last! I came out to shop more confused than ever on how to proceed after ending the session yesterday in frustration.  So I turned on the radio and put … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 30: Mounting the Leg Vise (part 2)

I didn’t have much spare time today but what I did have I used to take care of the next couple steps in the leg vise drama. First I removed the threaded rod and hacked off about 6-8″ worth from … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 9: Gluing up the sections.

My goal for today was to smooth out the tops of the 4 sections a little (nothing perfect, mind you, that will come later when the top is assembled) and prep them for gluing together. I was very pleasantly surprised … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 3: Cutting the top to rough length

Finally got to work on the workbench again.  It has only been 3 days, but felt like an eternity as  I went in and out of the garage to do various things and saw that wood pile looking all forlorn … Continue reading

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