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Mjolnir (part 3) or, A Lesson in Sticking With the Plan

As the title says, things didn’t go exactly as planned with the hammer the past couple days.  I tried my best but it just didn’t work out as I imagined.  Here’s what happened.  Best pull up a chair and get some popcorn. It started … Continue reading

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Mjolnir (part 2)

After finishing up the leg vise, I had a little bit of time leftover and decided to get cracking on Mjolnir (yeah, it thinks a lot of itself!). I finalized the design and drew it on the handle.  It has … Continue reading

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Mjolnir (part 1)

At long last I have begun construction of my first mallet!  I’ve been seeing all these great pounders, thumpers, whackers, and smackers that everyone has been displaying on the internet and on TV shows and finally could take no more of the bounce-back prone … Continue reading

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