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New Sawhorses

The background… Keeping the big project in mind, I realized I’d need to do some assembly work on sawhorses—yes, my bench, big as it is, isn’t big enough. The plastic Stanley horses my wife got me a few years back … Continue reading

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Practice box complete.

It’s finished! 4 coats of poly-spray, sanded with 220 paper in between each coat.  Final coat got a rubbing of newspaper (I didn’t have any brown paper bags) and it came out better than I expected. I mortised the hinges … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 31: Mounting the Leg Vise (part 3)

I made some good progress for the 20 minutes I had to work on the bench today. I used the utility knife to chamber the edges of the two locking nut/wood discs I fabricated, then polished off the wood with … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 17: The Bridle Joints…

I didn’t have much time in the shop today, but I do what I can, when I can! There was just enough time to cut the first two bridle joints in the legs (I did both the left rear and … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 14: Trimming Tenons and legs.

I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have today to work on the bench so instead of charging ahead with measuring the height of the legs to get ready for installing the top, I decided to do some more mundane … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 13: Dry fit the base!

Today was very exciting!  I decided to finish the base joinery prep once and for all and powered through the last 3 tenons and mortises.  I wrapped up with a dry run of the base and I am very happy … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 12: More mortises.

Nothing special today,  just more working on chopping mortises and 3 more tenons…lots of sawing.  Lots.  But I have to say I’m seeing a little improvement in my abilities to feel when the wood is telling me I’m going to … Continue reading

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