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What happened??

I’m baaaaaack! (Sort of) It’s been over a year now since my last post—it’s amazing how much time 3 kids can eat up. My youngest son was born in January of 2014 and pretty much all of last year was … Continue reading

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[My Workbench: One Year Later] The Top

I thought I’d take some time to do something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  See, if you look at a lot of the workbenches on Lumberjocks.com you’ll see some real craftsmanship and a lot of artistry.  … Continue reading

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Bench Update: Planing Stop

To go along with my new plane, I decided to finally bite the bullet and install my hickory plane stop that I had planned to build into my bench last summer but never got the nerve to attempt. Until now. … Continue reading

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[Moxon Mini-Bench] Save thy back.

Well, after stooping over to cut three of the four dovetail joints for the project I’m working on, I realized two things—(1) I take a long time to join (I’m averaging about an hour and a half) and (2) that … Continue reading

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Miter saw station/router table…on wheels!

For a while now (since June when my wife and I ripped out the powder bath vanity and put in the garage) I’ve been kicking around the idea of making a miter saw station.  I had planned to put it … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 33: Leg Vise finished!

Today, I finally can scratch off this component of the bench at last! I came out to shop more confused than ever on how to proceed after ending the session yesterday in frustration.  So I turned on the radio and put … Continue reading

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Workbench Day 32: Mounting the Leg Vise (part 4)

At last, the day arrived when I could put it all together and complete the leg vise.  Or so I thought.  This post is actually a combination of a couple days work because I just couldn’t bring myself to post nothing but … Continue reading

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