My Other Blogs

Here’s where you can find my other blogs (alphabetical by subject)…

TYCO title 2


This is my astronomy blog, featuring the Texas Yard Canon Observatory. Here you’ll see pictures of the infamous yard canon and read about my observations, thoughts, astronomy projects and such.




This is my genealogy blog (there’s no banner yet!), covering the family history of the Vaughts and allied families. This is a continual work in progress as my goal is to put just about all my research online for others to see and use.



woodworks-titleKind of self explanatory…(I mean, you’re already here…)






This writing blog is my flagship—ironic that it’s listed last, but sometimes alphabetical order sucks (ask me how I know, with a name that starts with “V”.  Go on, ask…). Here you can see reviews of my books, buy my books (hint, hint I need more tools) and read preview chapters from my books and novellas. Get updates on my writing and new releases!



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